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Science can significantly improve crop yield

Science can significantly improve crop yield

The world needs nutritious food

The world needs nutritious food

The miracle of nature can provide food for all

The miracle of nature can provide food for all

Hunger is everywhere.  We can grow food everywhere.

Hunger is everywhere. We can grow food everywhere.

Nature will grow the food.  We simply provide the ideal conditions.

Nature will grow the food. We simply provide the ideal conditions.

Growing feed crops is easy when the right conditions are present

Growing feed crops is easy when the right conditions are present

Open fields do not always provide the ideal conditions for growing food

Open fields do not always provide the ideal conditions for growing food

Provide the right conditions and plants will thrive

Provide the right conditions and plants will thrive


Who Is WHT? find out more about us

World Hunger Team is a non-profit 501(c)3 charity dedicated to solving the world hunger crisis. 

Our goal is to be able to say the three sweetest words a hungry person wants to hear: "lunch is served."  We are creating an environment whereby we can say this to hundreds - thousands - even millions of people around the world every day. After reaching this goal, our next goal is being able to say "breakfast is served," and "dinner is served."  Everything else is superfluous. Everything else is just so much hot air - fluff - good intentions, enthusiastic repartee without substance. 

You can talk and talk and talk, but the guy on the street or out on the hot tundra with no shoes, no job, no money, and no hope, is looking for one thing: his next meal. And he can't eat good intentions. 

The hungry inhabitants of our planet are dying by the thousands every day. They are looking to us for help. They have no resources, no bank
account, no local grocery store, no neighbor they can run to and ask for a handout. Their environment has largely turned hostile; food will not
grow due to lack of water, animals cannot survive for lack of ground cover and water to sustain them. Most of the 'fallback' support that we may
enjoy here in the United States is gone - there are no optional resources that starving people can rely on day after day, week after week.

Even in the prosperous United States, hunger is knocking on many doors. Relief organizations are stretched to the max and generosity is running
out in favor of protecting one's own family and well being. We may feel charitable on special occasions, and that certainly helps; giving the poor
guy on the street one free meal a year on Thanksgiving may make the well-to-do feel among us feel pretty darn special. And on that one day, it
makes the poor and destitute people feel good as well. But on Friday morning, it's a new day: that same guy needs another meal... and another,
every day thereafter.

And guess what?  He's got friends - lots of them. That's because the number of homeless, hungry, and destitute people in the world is rising at an astronomical rate. The models on which developed nations have built worldwide economic and agronomic success are simply not keeping up with human needs in the 21st century. The Beatles had it correct when they sang, "Obladi Oblada, life goes on."

Life will go on; families will continue to have babies, babies will continue to grow into children, children will continue to grow into men and women, and the cycle will repeat itself as it has for all of eternity. Food is a non-negotiable component of this process, and we as the sentient citizens of this planet will either provide the food that the world needs, or we will not. The choice is ours to make either through a formal declaration or by avoiding the issue, but the ever-expanding lot of humanity will not have that choice; they will either live or die by our decision. At World Hunger Team, we have made the decision to do our part to help end this madness.  We have chosen to grow food, to feed the hungry. To build a better mousetrap, to find a way to consistently, affordably, and easily grow mass quantities of food.

What Does WHT Do? feeding the hungry of the world

The primary goal of WHT is to grow food to feed the hungry.  It sounds simple, but there are many details involved...

The summary goals of WHT are to:

a.    Provide a reliable, affordable, permanent source of food in areas of the world with the greatest need.
b.    Enlist the joint efforts of thousands – even millions – of people from all walks of life around a common goal.
c.    Harness the unique talents of individuals of all ages and all backgrounds, and share the best information globally.
d.    Educate the nations of the world about the hunger issue, and enlist them in providing a permanent solution to the problem.
e.    Learn and improve the food production process continually, using knowledge gleaned from the worldwide WHT installations.


When the world is eating three square meals a day, turf battles and war somehow won't seem as important. Life can go on, for everyone. We can – and must – replace the existing food distribution system with a localized agrarian system that meets the specific food requirements of each community in need.  That is the mission of World Hunger Team – and it is a need that we believe we have developed an effective system to meet.

How Can You Help? many volunteer options are available

WHT is designed to involve all people, from all walks of life, in the process of feeding the world.

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Charity is a good thing, a great thing, and a thing we all need to do more of, the reality is this: charity will be tremendously helpful in alleviating some of the world’s growing needs, but the world’s needs are far greater than any charity can meet.  The world needs much more – and it needs it NOW.  Solving the complex human needs of the world will require out-of-the-box thinking.  It will require a massive, team effort.  And while a few people could commit 100% of their time, large-scale human efforts always carry much more impact when a great many people commit a portion of their time towards accomplishing them. 

Look at how the U.S. and England rallied as one to fight and win World War II.  The war was won not just by the soldiers in the field, but by the laborers working in the field, the seamstresses sewing uniforms, even the retirees at home who collected tires and bought war bonds.  Every single person in the nation contributed their small share, and collectively it moved mountains.  That is the type of effort we can mount to tackle world hunger.  Only it won’t require buying war bonds, rationing coffee or cutting corners: the solution is sitting in our trashcans, in the form of plastic bottles and food containers…

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